Growing Importance of Social Media in the field of Electoral Campaigns

Social media is growing out to be a significant part of our daily lives; it is also turning out to be a productive tool for different campaigns, political and non-political. However, social media plays a crucial role in making the presence of your online assured.Social media political campaign is necessary but does not succeed, why or rather what might be the political reasons.You need to stay on the social media, but that does not denote that our political leader should be on social media only.Since social platform is a single platform and it is still not at that point to rely it as the single means of communication to reach out to public.

Some Recent Election Campaigns
On October 21, municipalities across Alberta will hold their civic elections. In Edmonton, residents will vote in a new mayor, and at least six new councilors. In this area the race for the mayor seat is not so hyped, as the race for mayor is alone so there would be a mix of experience and social media engagement from the candidates, it’s expected.

Three candidates are city councilors at present have official campaign websites, and are active on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. Misutka reiterates that online campaigning should not be the sole tool used, but she also admits it is surprising that a mayoral candidate does not have a website.Online presence of a political mentor must be done with a combination of social media as well sms marketing politicians. It was the high time to think how social media can get access to all of them.

Social media help the politicians to spread the word of mouth or explain the party manifesto to the followers on social media thus gains a feedback to further remodel the constitution. Importance of social media keeps on varying and we look into their quick response and interaction with people to generate immediate feedback and encourage active participation of the voters in forming our constitution.

Importance of social media political campaigns has a large impact, what are they. How it help political institution to gain momentum. As the politicians are smoothly operating, their account to generate a mass opinion therefore social media is not going to goof up stories.After taking a study of the political campaigns and political individuals having a strong online presence, politics have become highly dependent on social media.

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