10 Common Mistakes Political Campaigns Make on Facebook

Social media is the new canvassing medium for the politician, and they have used the platform very well to reach out to the crowd, which often stayed away from politics. This crowd consists of mainly the teens and the people in their 20’s.

However, most of them failed to achieve success, and they make these 10 common mistakes in political Facebook campaigns.

  1. Missing out on Promotion

It is the most important thing that the campaigners overlook. As soon as you create a Facebook page, you need to promote it and add a link to the page of your campaign website, Twitter account or video descriptions. You must promote the Facebook pages offline via direct mails, campaign literature or through TV ads.

  1. Setting a personal profile for the campaign

Important points to remember so make sure that you have a page for your next campaign and not a personal profile.

  1. Facebook Profile and Page

Most of the political contestants have the personal profile on Facebook and might have accumulated many friends. Now the question comes what he or she does when a campaign is going on. It is better to hide their personal profile for the time to avoid confusion among users.

  1. Ignoring to set up a vanity Facebook

If your page receive a set of 25 likes and above you can set a personalized URL and set up for the pages that are easy to remember.

  1. Promoting Facebook page in print and TV with icon instead of URL

If you are on the web, a simple click on the icon can redirect you to a website, but on postcard or TV ad it is not possible. So include a URL to help supporters reach out to your page.

  1. Not looking at Facebook Insights

Political campaigns often fail to realize the wealth of information they access through Facebook Insights. You could come across a number of data such as who likes your page or the most interacted post, the best time for posting. The number of people reached or how many times a Facebook page viewed.

  1. Do not have a custom landing tab

Customize a tab specifically to grab the opportunity to convert interested voters into supporters and volunteers.

  1. Do not auto-post tweets on Facebook

Facebook and Twitter are different from, so look for the best ways to use both of them separately to the fullest during campaigns.

  1. Use of Facebook to dump press and official statements

Your message on social media should be more personal for the people of Facebook compared to that official, which are for the reporters.

  1. Using your position in Facebook Page Title

Experts strongly condemn the use of position in the title of Facebook page, and it should contain only the candidate’s name and nothing more.

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