Why SMS still Rules the World of Election Campaigns

In the last decade, political campaigns during the elections in India have been changing rapidly since new marketing methods like bulk SMS, short but simple text messages are being used by political candidates instead of traditional methods like hoardings, newspaper ads and there is a reason behind it. Almost every political party nowadays uses premium SMS for election campaigning and they are getting a wide reach to people in their respective electoral areas. Politics bulk SMS marketing in India is now playing a revolutionary role in elections campaigns. But, using a transactional SMS gateway has been strictly banned in election SMS campaigning as political parties are only permitted to use promotional SMS gateway in their election campaigns.

Text message marketing for election campaigns is one of the trending and necessary elements to drive an effective campaign. If done rightly, it highlights the strong points of the candidate and could raise problems for the opposition.

How SocialChamps can help you?

SocialChamps provides a number of services including short code SMS, Bulk SMS, marketing alerts, missed call alerts and much more together with creative bulk SMS template samples. We can also arrange robust service of bulk SMS for a political campaign, SMS for election campaign promotion, text message service for political and election campaigns; all of this is achieved with a premium bulk SMS gateway integration. While providing such services, we integrate our emotional factor with technology.

How does it look?

Political parties can send various kinds of Bulk SMS during the election and even after elections. Here are some examples to give you a clear idea of how SMS for elections campaigns work:

  • CANDIDATE NAME sincerely thanks all the supporters for electing him as their new Mayor for Pune.
  • Respected members, Party Rally will begin near Shivaji Nagar Chowk. Join, support and share your thoughts with the LEADER NAMEPARTY NAME.
  • PARTY NAME and CANDIDATE NAME sincerely thank all the respected supporters and voters for electing me as your MP.
  • To bring revolution to our city, we need your support and valuable votes in this election 2019. Vote for every candidate of PARTY NAME.

Here are our premium bulk SMS services:

  • Promotional Bulk SMS for election campaigns.
  • Transaction SMS for election campaigns.
  • Missed Call alert service for election campaigns.
  • Voice Call Service for election campaigns.
  • Bulk Email Service for election campaigns.
  • IVR Service for election campaigns.
  • WhatsApp marketing for election campaigns.

To start with your SMS campaigning for upcoming elections, let’s have a discussion and let’s create an SMS strategy together for your successful campaigning today!

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