Mobile Marketing Service for Politician

Mobile Marketing Service for Politician

Run a successful and logical campaign with the traditional way of marketing

Yes, the text messages are now a traditional way of marketing, period. In this era of WhatsApp messages, Snapchat and facebook chatbots, text messages can still help you win the game. SMS for election campaigning is still a better way to reach your target audience or simply, voters of your electoral boundary.

At SocialChamps we have a strong belief that campaigning for political parties involves rigorous marketing ways so as to magnetize votes from the voters and to win the elections. These marketing ways are experimented with and are increasing over time on varied fronts. With the world quickly transitioning towards a digitally and technologically dominant situation, SEO, Social Media Marketing, General Awareness, Engagement, PPC, Political Blogs and other digital marketing campaigns are on the rise.

The recent statistic shows the number of mobile phone users in India from 2013 to 2019.

For 2019 the number of mobile phone users in India is expected to rise to 813.2 million.

We are going to leverage these numbers for mobile marketing for politics because SMS is a thing that can reach up to any device with every kind of cellular technology they are powered by.

Changing face of political marketing is evidence to the technological and elementary advancement witnessed in the Indian marketing picture. The paradigm shift in client approach and behaviorism has not only compelled political parties, which are currently no but brands, to change communication techniques but also to reach out to the clients through multi-screen integrated programs. Digital and mobile got added to the ancient media mix of political brands a couple of years ago. Excluding the fundamental technological advancement angle, there have been heaps of different factors that acted as catalysts in the political marketing revolution. Mobile offers sturdy elements like cost-effectiveness and targeted marketing. Political marketing needs quarantined voter base on the basis of things like education or socioeconomic backgrounds; thus, mobile proves to be the apt device. The price of entry is low and one will target by location, device sort, mobile bill per month, etc. Thus, serving Politicians to succeed in the proper vote bank with a corresponding message.

What SocialChamps has to offer for politicians?

WhatsApp Messaging service for Politicians

The WhatsApp messaging campaign has been a well-oiled machine in political marketing. Because WhatsApp has a robust penetration, particularly in India, political campaigns utilize it in many ways:

  • To spread legitimate information about party activities and problems
  • To create a neat and direct link between the voters and candidates
  • To start political dialogues
  • To organize and mobilize people around a common issue
  • To spread defamatory information
  • As a part of professional political marketing methods

Bulk SMS Promotion

Election campaign SMS messages are an extremely effective communication tool for the election campaign. As we all know an election is all about the attention of voters.

Here are some of the glimpses of Bulk SMS Service:

  • It helps you to form your election campaign distinctive and attract much more public to support you.
  • It saves plenty of time as it reaches quicker than door to door campaign.
  • Response rates of SMS are more than any emails as mobile phones are with everybody today and every SMS read at first.
  • Bulk SMS services help to encourage youngsters to support because it’s a modern marketing strategy.

Bulk Voice Calls

A bulk voice call is an easy communication technology that enables you to take a recorded voice message to lots of or even thousands of call recipients in a very short span of time. These bulk voice calls are most frequently used for community alerts, notifications, and for business and promotional functions. Bulk voice calls help you in making your voters aware of your social presence and your will to work for them.

Miss Call Campaign

Political parties can use a missed call service in their political campaigns like on Facebook, posters and even road shows, they only need to publish a missed call number on their print/digital advertisements, this not even can help them calculate the reach of their advertisement, however also helps them to gather data of the viewers. Today in this digital era election campaigns are also getting digitized and missed call service is another invention of this digitization. Parties may also add an auto SMS in response to the missed call, that asks the user to send their details like name, pin code, and address to finish their registration with their party. this may provide a deeper insight analytics.