How Social Media has Changed Politics and How Can we get Benefits from it

The overall picture of elections has changed a lot in the last couple of years. The arrival of the internet has played an important role in this transformation. Online Social platforms to be particular are now interesting factors in running social media election campaign, and in the way of understanding how people think about their problems and issues.

Politicians and their workers are constantly posting their views and work on Facebook and Twitter which is easily done with social media marketing for politicians. Every party has their own pages on these social media networks which broadcast agenda, and plans for society’s future. Let’s have a look that social media has influenced politics today and how it will help a political party or a candidate achieve a better success in upcoming elections and overall social media management for politicians.

Instant news on the go

Social Media has changed politics with speedy news, rumors and poll results are shared instantly and at any time. The times when the internet was not there, people had to wait for the newspaper the next day or TV news show to get the latest updates but with the internet, people are now getting every update round the clock on the go. Social Media changed this picture further. While you can easily access news on many websites at any time, most people are now spending their time on social sites like Facebook, Twitter rather than relying on news or politicians’ own websites. This means you can share the news and thoughts with your friends anytime you want and view their posts anytime anywhere.

The impact of polls

Polls are a vital part of every political campaign. They often confuse the voters because there are a number of polls with contrast results posted on every day. As with other types of news and flashes, the internet has greatly improved the number of poll results we see every day. Social Media has boosted this even more. Not only do social media sites update the polls for voters, but now with ‘Facebook polls’, voters can actually participate in these polls. This is one of the ways how Facebook for political campaigns is changing the game slowly.

Direct interaction with politicians

One of the positive effects social media has created on politics is the chance for voters to interact more easily with candidates and elected leaders. Traditionally, if voters needed to interact with politicians, they had to attend the live events arranged by the parties but not everyone can do this. With modern technology, it’s now feasible to attend online events through live videos, streaming events to interact with politicians or candidates.

Demographics and Exact Targeting

Targeting is utilized throughout the advertising industry whether offline or online to ensure that ads and messages are reaching the right people. Politicians can take advantages of this thing too. In the age of Social Media, politicians do this too. In the age of Social Media, politicians and people helping them i.e. party workers are able to target their campaigns.

If a candidate needs to address the issues of college students, kids, women, retired people, or any other group of voters, they can easily customize the messages. Just as advertisers on Facebook are able to use targeted advertising and analytics, so can candidates and politicians.

As Social Media is here to stay, we can see its impact on society. In the fully developed nations like the USA, there are also rumors of introducing internet voting, which could lead to a higher number of people casting their votes. In India, this is not going to be a reality in the next decade or so but still, social media marketing for political campaigns are going to help politicians to win voters’ hearts for their upcoming elections.


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