Get Voters to the Polls with Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy

Computerized politics the use of digital targeted marketing technologies to election campaigns in India is now trending and almost every politician prefers digital technologies over traditional marketing techniques to get voters to the polls.

Political campaigns in India have employed digital technologies for more than a decade now, which help to develop sophisticated ways and techniques every 5 years. Electoral campaigning has now become fully customizable in this growing, global commercial media just like the overall marketing ecosystem has already transformed how brands market their products & services and influence consumers. Political parties or candidates are no less than a brand themselves so it becomes important for them to market their image on the edge of the elections and even after elections.

Though almost every political digital operation takes place below the radar, they are not fully understood by the public.

So, today, we need to market political campaigns in a way that a common man can understand and one way to achieve so is mobile. Political mobile campaigns are no doubt helping politicians get a better reach and induce them to vote.

Here, in mobile marketing for politics, we can find many ways a political party or candidate can set a footprint in voters’ minds. Let’s see them one by one.

Mobile Apps for Politicians

Politicians are now seeing the benefits of joining the mobile world in the form of a smartphone app. Their communities and voters today are fast-paced and always on the go. Now with the rise of large-screened smartphones, mostly, users are seen using their tablets and smartphones which are easily available in their palms.

We all know that people today prefer apps over any other medium while using their smartphones, so imagine if your political party or you have your own app which can help your voters reach you directly, how impactful it will be. Indeed, it will be. So get an app for your party or campaign today! Further, you can boost this app with various SEO/ASO techniques and increase your reach amongst your potential voters.

Mobile Websites

Together with your own app, you also need a website for your political campaign which can easily give an idea about your whole agenda to your potential voters. To get a better interface with your app, your website can come handy this time, if your website is fully optimized with mobile devices, you can easily send your message to your voters in a crafted manner. So, political mobile campaigns need a strong and easy to navigate mobile website.

Text message marketing

SMS or text message marketing for election campaigns is one of the effective tools for political campaigns. You can use text messaging for many activities related to your political campaigns just like reaching out to voters and managing staff or your party workers. People are extremely responsive to text messages; this is one of the ways to help you organize a busy political campaign. You can even opt for bulk SMS for election campaigns and send your short messages to a huge number of voters.

Mobile advertising campaigns

Though text message campaigns have a proven lion’s share of political outreach and, in many cases, this still rings true. But, many campaigns, particularly those on the bigger level, say, national, are expanding mobile advertising to include other mediums or reaching voters within mobile apps and via the mobile web.

As many marketers know, mobile is so much important to ignore? And in these election times, mobile is going to play a more significant role than ever before. Visit to get the best tailored mobile marketing strategies for your next political campaign.

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